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About Margot, Peter, and Monique 

Margot Giroux-Doehring is a charming and adventurous 21-year woman who loves to ski, hike, bike, and kayak despite her significant developmental disabilities, a seizure disorder, partial blindness, cerebral palsy, and a feeding tube. She lives with her parents Peter Doehring and Monique Giroux in Kennett Square


Peter Doehring spent his career as a psychologist leading school, hospital, and university-based programs for children with autism, including almost a decade as a statewide  public education leader. He is now an independent researcher focused on autism and related disabilities, and a community activist focused on trails/open space, and public accountability. You can download his CV here.

After stints as an entrepreneur and in the film industry, Monique Giroux is now a playwright active in promoting programs for people with disabilities. 

About Jacob, Sue, and David 

About: About

Jacob Singer is a happy 21-year-old with a beautiful smile and infectious laugh!  He was born with Monosomy 1P36, a rare genetic syndrome, ID, CP, apraxia of speech, and has Scoliosis. He loves to listen to his music, eat Mexican food especially tacos and corn chips, and take car rides ! He especially loves to drive through Chester County and see his favorite farm And go shopping at Trader Joe’s! He lives with his parents Sue and David Singer in Downingtown.

Sue Singer is a tireless advocate for Jacob! She’s full of energy. She’s an exercise enthusiast, former business owner, optical sales rep, yoga teacher and an optimist who never gives up!

David Singer is a former business owner for over 40 years, optical whiz, avid bowler, and the awesome dad who keeps us all together!

We all love our Standard Poodle Reggie who entertains us daily.

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