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You can help to fix Act 66 by helping to pass HB 2674 or SB 1276
Members of the State House and Senate WILL act IF they hear from their constituents.   So call them or send them an email, to let them know your concerns and your desire for change. Tell them specifically how COVID affected you and the youths with disabilities you care for. They WILL listen! You can check here if they are especially important to the process of passing this legislation.

Send an email in 5 simple steps 

  1. Open up a new email.

  2. Open up a new window in your browser to review some text that you can cut and paste into an email to your representative. Parents - click here for your House Representative or here for your Senator.   Other advocates - click click here for your House Representative or here for your Senator. Include your phone number so that your representative or a staff member can reach back out to you

  3. Click here to enter your address to find your representative

  4. To find the email address and phone number of your representative, click here for an alphabetical listing of members of the House and here for members of the Senate.

  5. Cut and paste the address into the "To" line.  If you want, please copy us ( so that we can see who you have reached out to.

Remember to check your email for a response. Do not be discouraged if the representative's staff member gets back to you - they can help make sure your concerns get through to your representative. 

Some representatives are more responsive if you upload your concerns into the contact form on their website - you will see a link to their website on the page under 4 where you copied their email address. Click on the Contact Me page on your representative's website, and you will find a place where you can cut and paste the text from your email.

Do you want to do more?

A better option: A day or two after you send your email or fill out the contact form, call your representative's office directly.  Tell them that you are following up an email you sent.  Be prepared to briefly summarize your concerns (you can read from the flyer) and to say specifically how your child was affected. 

The absolute best option is to get an email address from a staff member who commits to follow-up with your representative.  That gives you a way to reach back out if we find ourselves with a specific bill you want your representative  to support 

5 simple steps
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