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How you can urge our leaders to reinstate the $168M cut from IDD services

Tell Governor Shapiro and other key lawmakers and their staff your story about how gaps in services have affected someone you care about.  Urge them to re-instate the $168M cut from community-based waivers for adults with IDD. Consider also asking them to take steps to make sure that future decisions are based on the right information with input from the right people. 

Governor Shapiro

Click here to fill out a form to send an email. You can also call the General office: (717) 787-2500

Chief of Staff: Dana Fritz  (717) 787-2500

Press Secretary:  Manuel Bonder (717) 787-1116

Key Senators

Key House Leaders

Encourage Sponsors of House and Senate Bills to push for passage 

Support legislators who are working hard to close gaps in services like the sponsors of HB 661 and SB 684 . Tell them how important their work is and ask them how you can help.

HB 661 Sponsors (Primary Sponsor) 

Joe Cirisi

John Galloway

Carol Hill-Evans

Joseph Hohenstein

TarikKhan (Chief of Staff: David Rivenbank

Emily Kinkead  (Chief of Staff: Bridget Barrett

Maureen Madden

Brandon Markosek

Robert Mercuri

Dan Miller  (Chief of Staff: Deron Gould

Tina Pickett

Tara Probst

Benjamin Sanchez

Christina Sappey (Chief of Staff: Tyler Arkatin

Dan  (Chief of Staff: Bill Schoell

SB 684 Sponsors (Primary Sponsor)

Amanda Cappelletti   (Chief of Staff: Diana Marques

Carolyn Comitta (Chief of Staff: Michael Hartman

Jay Costa (Chief of Staff:  Colleen DeFrank

Jimmy Dillon  

Wayne Fontana  (Chief of Staff: Timothy Collins

John Kane  (Chief of Staff:  Matthew Franchak

Judith Schwank  (Chief of Staff:  Bill Evans

Christine Tartaglione

Keep services for adults with IDD from collapsing

If we cannot begin to heal, we can at least stop the bleeding

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